Monday, November 21, 2016

wow, this looks incredible (someone give an Oscar to the film production and editting crew!)


  1. Great. I just plunked down $80 last Friday for Amazon Prime so I could watch Grand Tour. These guys are going to take every last dime I have and use up whatever little free time I had left!!!

    Have to admit -- watching the "Holy Trinity" fly around the racetrack together with tires smoking was totally worth it.

    1. Enjoy the ride... it's a messed up world out there, but it all fades away when I'm watching Top Gear (original) and I'm hoping eventually to be able to make time and find the cash to afford Amazon Prime. I have no use for Amazon Prime except to watch my favorite car goofballs have fun. Comment back when you've seen some episodes of TGT and let me know how they are compared to your favorite episodes from TG, okay?

  2. The initial episode featured La Ferrari, McLaren P1, and the Porsche 918 -- all hybrid supercars. The guys rip them around a racetrack in Portugal. Glorious cinematography, hysterical quips, absolutely worth the cost of Prime to watch. Hard to compare to past episodes of TG. There were many classics that could never be repeated, like my personal favorite of watching Clarkson take the Ariel Atom around the course and his face inflating and later watching his skin pushed back behind his ears. They paid homage to what made them famous, but did not try to just replicate everything they've ever done. They seem to be having more fun than ever, and are less reserved about whatever they feel like saying. Their English sense of humor has not changed one bit. TG always had the best video production quality. TGT has shown it is up to the challenge - they tried hard with some great slow-motion cuts, and strong vantage points. It remains to be seen if they can improve upon the TG camera placement and editing model.