Sunday, November 20, 2016

See this great looking Mustang? There is a cool story here: Project Sarge, from the same group (Rebuilding Generations) that last year worked up a 71 Duster. They get the kids to work on cars with parents and grandparents. Coolest thing I've learned about in the car enthusiast world, multi-generation car hot rodding

Their Duster was posted last year but I didn't know they do this every year!

One of the guys on their team happens to be the cool guy who makes the Optima press and participant badges out of carbon fiber.  Why isn't anyone in the photos wearing those badges?

Rebuilding Generations started in 2013, it's purpose is to get the great grandparents, and grandparents, and parents, plus the kids, all working together. It's complete learning for the kids of course, they are brought in with little or no knowledge of cars, tools, or mechanics... and no one is better to teach them than the old guys that have time, and care enough to share their experience and expertise.

I seriously dig this whole thing. Not many people are looking to mentor kids, and pass along all the stuff they know, and teach some kids who might not have the privileged life of kind old guys and garages to hang out in.

If you ever get the chance, thank Kevin Keep. He got the ball rolling, started a 501c3, and gathered mentors and kids to work on mid 60s to early 70s cars.

They are located in Idaho, and that seems to be near Charlie Sutton's Color Studio. You probably recognize the name, Charlie was a paint and body supervisor at Boyd's, and on the tv show 10-12 years ago, American Hot Rod. Now he wins Ridler Awards. Well, one of the paint and body guys at Charlie's business is one of the mentors for the kids. That, is serious talent.

read the online magazine they made about the car, and the group of people that made it happen, at

If you have a little time to be amazed, read through their Facebook page.

or check out their You Tube page and videos:

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