Friday, November 25, 2016

Winner of the Gran Turismo Award, Best in Show, 2016 SEMA, Bruce Leven's 1951 Ford. Built by Wicked Fabrication of Auburn Washington and Byers Custom

1951 Ford, called the GT 51, by Bruce Leven, sitting on an Art Morrison chassis

the engine is a 1956 Lincoln 368 cu in

the rims are Halibrand from a 1930s Novi Indycar, the body has been wedge sectioned by five inches up front and two and a half inches in the rear

Seats by Stitches Custom Auto Upholstery in Poulsbo, WA

the gallery from the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show 

update June 2017, Hot Rod gave it a feature article:

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  1. Owner: Bruce Levens
    Vehicle: 1951 Ford

    “This car is a masterpiece. More than 10,000 hours went into creating a high-class hot rod with a vintage engine and the feel of a stunning 1950's racing car. Based off of a humble 1951 Ford, this is automotive elevation at its pinnacle.”

    Gran Turismo Award winner/ Best Hot Rod.