Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I'm still undecided about this one. It's interesting, but is it cool? The jury has decided... NOPE!


  1. You have to ask? I was going to say "WAYYYY COOOOL" looking at the clean lines of the front end and that tasteful pearl white and gold/Coker whitewalls. But then the ass end of that car showed-up (how much junk was in that trunk?) and it totally ruined it for me. Bumper is all wrong, rear end aesthetic is totally uninspired. Get that rolling bucket of bolts out of my garage, you meddling kids!

    1. and that is why I had to ask!

  2. Im just glad Im not alone.
    That body has been ruined!
    It looks like a car that's been around a while too. It almost looks like early Pierce Arrow headlights in that front end. '33 commercial grill, Dodge cowl? Such a shame.
    Do I need to mention that V6?......alright I will.
    Firstly, that bug catcher would not make it out of the car park.
    And well, I was going to suggest leaving the rest alone so you could get around and shop for a replacement with some side pipes. But the only problem with that is that you wouldn't be able to hear anything when you get there.

  3. Not cool. Wouldn't even have been cool in 1960.

  4. I concur. Parts of the car look neat, but other parts kind of cancel that out...I reserve judgement until I can hear how it sounds.

  5. Thought long and hard about this fifty ford Frankenstein...with a V-6...nope.