Friday, November 25, 2016

if you needed any more proof that American are absurd, rich, and stupid... (worse than paying 5 bucks a cup of coffee or fruit juice) they are paying a website (Cardsagainsthumanity) to dig a hole. Just to waste money. Instead of paying bills, donating to charity, or helping out a kids hospital.

The dirt is being moved about a 100 feet away, and then they dig some more, dump some more, and continue.

They are raising money, to dig a hole. That's it. They'll keep digging as long as the money keeps coming in. Right now they have been paid up for the next 33 hours of digging.

And you can watch it live.

Or you can pay 1.6 dollars per second. $5 = 8 seconds. $10 = 16 seconds. They've made around $67,500 so far

And as time goes on (this morning until tonight) the dollar buys a little less time - a dollar now (8pm) gets you half as much time as it did this morning, yet contributions have kept the time still paid for, nearly the the same (34.5 hour now, vs 33.5 hours earlier today)

according to news site, the hole was dug just outside of Oregon, Illinois, 90 minutes west of Chicago


  1. Last year by offering 'nothing in return' they pulled in $70,000.
    This year digging a hole netted $100,000.

    Jesse, you need a web cam and a credit card facility.

    1. yes, that is exactly right! A dozer and excavator would be good too!