Tuesday, June 14, 2016

this September the Indiana Bi-Centennial Festival and the Classic Car Club of Indiana are going to celebrate the cars made in Indiana

The Kokomo Automotive Museum will spotlight the Hoosier State’s contribution to the motoring world with a weeklong event entitled “Kokomo Salutes Indiana’s Automotive Heritage 1894-1964.”

 The celebration will include a reunion of Kokomo-built Haynes and Apperson automobiles,
a Classic Car Club of America Grand Classic,
a STuTZ Club Grand STuTZ
and the “Indiana Bicentennial Concours d’Elegance”

Saturday – September 10, 2016

 the CCCA Grand Classic, the Haynes Apperson Reunion, and the Marmon Muster, will be in beautiful Highland Park.

Sunday – September 11. 2016

the Indiana Bicentennial Motor Muster in Jackson Morrow Park,
This is a judged event for all HCS, CCCA, Marmon, Haynes, STuTZ, and Apperson automobiles.


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