Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's remarkable what you can stumble across by accident. Would you believe a 16 yr old started as a dealership mechanic and worked his way up to billions of dollars of dealership ownership?

In 1964, John Staluppi started his automotive career as a Chevrolet mechanic at age 16. Some 20 years later, he had amassed an automotive empire consisting of 40 dealerships.

Following his stint as a mechanic, Staluppi ran several successful Sunoco stations before taking a risk acquiring a Honda motorcycle store in the early 1970's. Within 10 years he owned 20 Honda dealerships before branching out acquiring other brands.

Selling nine brands at 17 different dealerships dotted throughout New York's Long Island area, the Atlantic Automotive Group generated $1.6 billion in total revenue in 2010 making it one of the top 15 dealer groups in the country.

Its Atlantic Hyundai store was the top selling Hyundai dealership in the U.S. with 6,214 new Hyundai sales in 2010.

For 12 consecutive years Staluppi's Hyundai dealerships remained the top selling Hyundai dealerships


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