Monday, June 13, 2016

1940s Illinois license plates were made of soybean fiberboard, then paperboard, due to wartime metal shortages

in 1943 the switch from metal to soybean fiberboard occurred to save metal for the war effort. They didn't switch back to metal until late 1948 or 1949

only dealer plates were made of steel according to

"The plastic-bodied car quickly generated its share of jokes. People said that if the auto didn't run, Ford could eat it. Or he could have his car and eat it too. Farmers began to ask each other what they were growing this year, Fords or Chryslers. The Cleveland Press wondered why Ford didn't strengthen his plastic by adding spinach. In 1943 several of these jokes were dusted off when a goat actually ate an Illinois license plate made of soybean-derived fiberboard."

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