Tuesday, June 14, 2016

a Dodge Stratus engine from 90s, a DOHC, four-valve straight-four is powering this streamliner

the builder/racer/owner knows his stuff too... he's got 22 records already in land speed racing, and 3 were while he was in college. Now he's an engineer in the engine technology dept of Mopar, and the current record holder in his class (under 3 liters) at 291 mph

This straight four.. has 800 hp. Twin turbos, then a super charger. Damn.

Full story at http://www.hotrod.com/features/srt-engineer-dynos-800hp-twin-charged-bonneville-streamliner-in-his-backyard-pool/


  1. A friend of mine works at SRT with Ken Hardman and is helping with the land-speed car. He was so disappointed that they weren't able to run at Bonneville last year. I don't know if they'll be able to run this year or not. My friend got to go on Hot Rod's Drag Weekend in a Hellcat Challenger, which was pretty cool.

    1. man... you're connected! Hard to say how the salt will be this year.