Friday, June 17, 2016

hauling a tank... in a truck


  1. Rather usual thing in early years of steel monsters.

    Germans did transport in that way Panzer I's

    Poles used trucks for transport of TKS tankettes (not the best quality pics)

    Or they even use the special "autotransport" chassis

  2. Boy Jesse, that give you a real good idea just how cramped those tanks were inside. You wouldn't want to be claustrophobic and have to fight in one of them. Hell, even today tanks aren't exactly roomy.

    1. right. This must have been a one man tank. Did you see that recent Brad Pitt movie, Fury? Incredible battle scene of what a tank fight was like

    2. Renault FT (FT-17) or it's license build M1917 light tank as this can be Mack of US Army. Very small construct, first mass produced tank with turret, the real father of all modern tanks. Crew of two, cramped like hell.

    3. I built a 1/16 kit of this tank.