Thursday, June 16, 2016

the first cover car from Rod and Custom has been found... it was tucked away for decades in a barn, now it's been restored to glory, and repainted - by Gene Winfield

Black transfer tubes circulate water from heads to block, to save the weight of a radiator for quarter-mile racing.

Gene Winfield fabricated these very tubes in the 1940s. After Winfield painted the car in 2015, he said he had the original tubes hanging on the wall of his shop. Two weeks after the car was painted, "a big box showed up from Gene," Arnette said, "and there were those tubes, from 1953. Gene had kept them all these years and sent them to me."

Lew Thompson signed and gave Eric Arnette this Binks paint gun, which he used to paint his '32 in 1952. Incredibly, Thompson had not used the paint gun since that spray job, and dried green paint remained in the gun.

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