Thursday, June 16, 2016

love and hate for the Suzuki Kizashi from Automobile magazine

Suzuki is unlikely to develop a replacement for the Kizashi given how the current model was considered a flop in most markets. Suzuki’s Australian managing director Masaaki Kato is quoted in the report as saying that the Suzuki Kizashi was a “headache” and an “unlucky car,” especially considering the huge investment which was made to develop the car.

We nearly laughed out loud a year and a half ago when Suzuki reps spoke of the Kizashi as an Automobile of the Year contender. It turns out Suzuki had the last laugh. The Kizashi, although it did not earn an award at our annual All-Stars test, was easily the biggest surprise of the group for its impressive refinement and stunningly good driving dynamics.

The Suzuki Kizashi is a sleeper, not in performance, but in how much fun it offers.

Suzuki Kizashi: This car’s biggest problem is name recognition. Which is why Suzuki should appropriate one of its more famous badges for this worthy sedan. Kizashi, I rechristen thee “Suzuki Hayabusa Car.” Suzuki, I just gave you a license to print money.

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