Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SaferMoto makes an array of lightweight protective vests and jackets equipped with airbags that have helped many riders walk away from crashes

They use an internal deployment system that connects to a motorcycle by tether, and deploys within .25 seconds if ejected from the bike, often before a rider’s brain even registers they’ve been thrown off.

It takes at least 66 pounds of pressure to trigger the airbag mechanism, pressure caused only by a forceful movement by the rider so that unnecessary deployment is avoided if they merely forget to disconnect the tether from the bike when dismounting.

The padding created by the inflation seems stiff and sustained enough to create a protective barrier against the back area. The collar also appears constricting enough to keep a helmet from compressing against the shoulders.

Skip the first minute, of course, as always

Plus, they say they offer a military discount, which is extended to police.


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