Monday, May 23, 2016

Old White at the Oldwick Fire Department

A prototype for a never-produced line of custom apparatus by Custom Body Service of Plainfield, New Jersey. This highly streamlined pumper was built on a White truck chassis. The front-mounted warning light is built into the hood of the truck.

 It bears some resemblance to the Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series, which was introduced in 1951.

The front assembly of the Monarch actually was cut from a diesel locomotive and incorporated into the body of the apparatus, this proved to be too costly to get into production, and no others were made

The body was built at Gold Crest in Dunellen NJ. This construction arrangement was at a significant savings to Ward and LaFrance options. Dan Coughlin who oversaw the truck construction, drove to Chicago to pick up the truck pump in order to expedite construction.

It was refurbed in the 1980s to be a tanker, but now is just parade duty ready,9596.15.html

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