Monday, May 23, 2016

how to get cops to be where you want them, when you want them, and no where else? And the cops foolishly fall for this obvious ploy, yup, 10 local and state police depts all rolled up like flies to a porch light... because the Hells Angels came to help with a charity benefit. (They ought to charge money for this magical ability to get cops to show up in force, like using a dog whistle)

An Indiana school for kids with cancer and other disabling problems in Valparaiso, was the charity that a bar was having a fundraiser for.... and you know I am on call to help spread the word for kids charities.... c'mon, who isn't???!!!

So, the Hells Angels put out a flyer so interested members could know about the charity fundraiser, and suddenly, 10 police agencies, and a mobile command center, the SWAT team and a helo unit were all converging.

I hope to hell they were hit up to contribute to the cause. Maybe, they were hoping to repeat the Waco biker massacre. You can't tell anymore.

"The fundraiser at The Mill, which included other biker groups, drew around 80 motorcycles, Wright said, adding nothing happened at the bar, despite the fact that the event attracted the county's SWAT Team and the Lake County Sheriff's Department's helicopter unit." Theresa Wright, owner of the Mill Bar and Grill, Burns Harbor, Indiana, just East of Gary Indiana on Lake Michigan. Wright said the business raises money for various positive causes throughout the year and this was just another fundraiser. 

A member of the Hells Angels Northwest Indiana Region said in a statement Saturday  "We do understand the need for law enforcement in our society, however what happened Thursday night was a waste of their talents and a waste of our tax dollars."

Agencies with nothing better to do, and stupid enough to fall for obvious bait tactics, taking part in the saturation patrol were the Indiana State Police, Indiana Excise Police and the Porter County Sheriif, Lake County Sheriff, Porter PD, Portage PD, Ogden Dunes PD, Valparaiso PD, Chesterton, Kouts and Hebron police departments.

SELF School:
Porter County Education Services Our Mission is to provide educational opportunities in a caring and dignified environment, recognizing each student’s diverse needs. Our belief is that all students have the ability to learn, and that innovation, creativity and proven practices can provide a path to success for every learner.

This facility houses educational programs which are jointly provided for through interagency agreements with Porter Starke, Vocational Education, and Special Education. Services are provided for children in Porter County from age three to age twenty-one. Special Education Preschool Services are available as well as a Developmental Kindergarten Program.

 Elementary, Middle and High School classrooms for students with severe disabilities and emotional disabilities are also housed at SELF. Services are also provided for preschool students with communication disorders. Related Services, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy provided when needed

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