Friday, May 27, 2016

just go get a kleenex box. Then watch this, inspired by a son who lost his dad too soon

The short tells the story of a young man who logged quality time with his father while playing a game called Rallisport Challenge, released in 2002 for the original Xbox. When the father dies unexpectedly, the console is banished to the garage. Ten years later, now age 16, the boy retrieves the dusty console

Already over a million hits on You tube, this is not exactly a true story, its based on comments on a video about "Can Video Games Be a Spiritual Experience?

The video creator and director/producer got his favorite collaborator actor to star.

Wikstrom, 25, graduated from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts and moved to Los Angeles four years ago. He found some work as a treatment designer for the directors of commercials. But he hadn't made any of his own. I think he's just paved the way for a career with a company that can spot talent and make quick decisions

What about Microsoft? The young director said he's heard from "someone high up" at the software giant, who wrote him personally to praise his work, but nothing official.

Adweek contacted Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's head of Xbox's game marketing, who told us: "This is really inspiring. Connecting players through gaming is one of the best rewards of creating video games, and stories like this are always touching and inspire us to do our best work.

We applaud this fan's courage in sharing his story and the filmmaker's artistry in bringing it to life so vividly."

Wikstrom maintains the project was "a labor of love."

I found that I posted the story in Jan 2015

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