Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donald Johnson was trying to work on his 1970 El Camino on a Saturday morning... by rolling it out of his garage. It kept going, faster than he (at 73 yrs old) could jump in to hit the brakes.

It kept rolling and ended up in the Yakima Washington canal, where it was carried downstream, upside down. It ran over his leg when he either missed the jump in, or tried to stop it, and busted his leg... not cool, that, will really wreck your day.

But, he's had the car since he was young, not necessarily an original owner, but no one says exactly how long he's had it... his daughter said since he was a kid (impossible of course, he's 73, at most he's had it since he was 27)

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  1. I hope he's on the mend. What a round of rotten luck. Please keep us posted if there is a follow up to this.