Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Johnny Isakson, the senior U.S. Senator from Georgia, wants to keep trucking from going faster than 65 mph

“We'll put speed governors on all trucks at 65 miles an hour,” Isakson said. [That] controls the speed they'll go [and] keeps them under the speed limit, which is most times 70 [mph] but is far more safe for the people on the highways with them.”

The Department of Transportation has been working for three years on a new rule requiring the devices.

So far, the amendment has passed the U.S. Senate. If the bill passes the Senate and the House of Representatives, the rule would go into effect nationwide within six months.


  1. In Ohio, the state raised the truck speed limit to 70 mph, same as cars to eliminate the speed difference between them. I haven't heard any doom & gloom news stories about this causing more accidents, so it must be about the same. I drove to Flint, MI and back last week, and I got frustrated by all the trucks pulling out at 55 or 60 to pass, when I was going 70 or faster.

    1. It's a political maneuver I suspect, he wants the votes of soccer moms

    2. I don't believe it's the speed truckers are driving these days that maybe of concern. I belevive it's more the destactions like using the phone, which is witnessed every day on the highway. If you drive for a living get the right equipment or get off the road. If you actually want to pass a "safety" law, heres a good start, first offence text/phone of hand held type with CDL, pull their CDL for six months. But maybe I'm just an extremist. Chad Wilson

    3. distractions, true. What does Chad Wilson have to do with Michelle's note though?