Tuesday, May 24, 2016

oh my god... the Barris Iverson - it's hideous, and I bet kids were crazy for these bikes in the early late 60s early70s...


and Steve was looking to find some photo of this goofy looking bike, but only found

this Barris related Stelber bike

But George was into anything that would keep him in business after the glory days of the 60s tv show cars and free publicity, he even wrote about his "philosophy" http://www.bikerodnkustom.net/barris_philosophy.html

Thanks Steve!

and for every kooky 70s thing, there is a collector, http://www.rrcbicyclesuperstore.com/bikecollection.html

and you may not have noticed, but Iverson had one of the steering wheel type bicycles too:

Looks like you could take off the circle part, turn the handle bar around and use it like a regular one.

thanks Steve!

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