Friday, March 18, 2016

update on the round the world in a Model T

The Regters began their epic journey in the summer of 2012.  The husband and wife team covered 14,000 miles in 180 days during the first leg of the drive, which took them from  the Netherlands to Cape Town in South Africa.

In 2013 the couple conquered the U.S. and Canada, crossing 22 states during their 17,000-mile, 180-day road trip. They only had one flat tire and one broken alternator.

 In 2014 they ticked off another 16,000 miles through South America in a further 180 days.

So far, the intrepid couple have driven almost 50,000 miles visiting and supporting various projects run by the international children’s aid organisation SOS – Children’s Villages.

During 2016 and 2017 they plan to continue through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and India, crossing the Himalayas to China, through Mongolia and back to the Netherlands via Central Europe.


  1. Are gas mileage figures known? My neighbor has a T that I drive once in a while. A little goes a long way. They also seem to be more fun on a dirt road or hay field (He's a farmer) than pavement. I think because of traffic.

    1. not by me, check the links. They probably mention somewhere what their gas mileage was, but I can't recall reading it... I bet they are fun to tootle around a farm with