Monday, March 14, 2016

How to kick off the new Top Gear show without Hammonds, May, and Clarkson... get the Hoonicorn

Problem... London elite are pissed that this was among the war memorials. Hmmm... that is not going to bode well for the Chris Evans version of top gear going over well with veterans.

two Americans hooning in London... how does that make for a good tv show?


  1. I will never watch this show again.

  2. What kind of helmet is Matt Leblanc wearing? It looks huge.

    1. Probably the insurance companies requirement, Ken Block's is the same size, but because Matt's has nothing painted on it, it looks like a damn Epcot on his shoulders. I bet for all the damn spins, drifts, and corners, it's got twice the padding as say, a Nascar straight forward race helmet

    2. Perhaps he just has a small head.