Wednesday, March 16, 2016

incredible but true WW2 story

On July 29, 1942 an Italian maritime reconnaissance floatplane of the 139th Squadron rescued four crewmen of a RAF’s Bristol Beaufort shot down on the sea near Corfu.

After pulling them out of the sea, it was flying to Taranto with the prisoners, one British, one South African and two New Zealander. During the flight, the prisoners overwhelmed the Italian five crewmen and hijacked the aircraft to Malta where the Italians were declared POW.

At Malta the plane was commandeered by RAF, repainted in British colors and markings and registered HK977

Thanks to Dave for sharing his WW2 scrapbook!


  1. Can't help but thinking 'what a bunch of ungrateful bastards'. But then, war is war....

  2. It looks like a Cant Airone.

    1. I did not think anyone would even wonder about that, it's a Cant-Z-506B Airone of 139th Squadriglia