Thursday, March 17, 2016

I wonder if billionaires look at the rare race car they own, and say to themselves, "Don't wreck it"

one of the 7 original Cobra Daytonas

or do they ignore such sentimental thoughts, and figure they can buy another? This was the result of one of the owners of Wal Mart going into turn 6 at Laguna too fast for his talent


  1. To be honest Rob Walton is a pretty good driver and is well respected in the vintage racing community. He simply made a mistake. It happens,it's racing. The late David Love had a similar incident coming out of the corkscrew a couple years earlier and smashed up his 250 TR. But Dave Love was not a billionaire.

    1. I don't think anything I said contradicted what you said, but my question goes unanswered. Do they lose sleep over destroying the car, and buy another, or do they stress out over crunching a historic icon/legend Le Mans winner? Do they chant a mantra of "don't wreck it -don't wreck it" from admiration of the legendary racecar they curate and race, or simply sell the wreck and buy another. See... I was asking a question, not commenting on the skills of Rob, as it's evident, they weren't good enough. That point is not arguable in the face of these photos. He's good and respected? Well.. I contend, not good enough, here's the proof. Now, back to my question that goes unanswered, as billionaire race car drivers don't look at my site. They might look at Petrolicious, as they are frequently the featured car owners, but not here where Von Dutch and Ed Roth, Barney Oldfield and Frank Kurtis are more celebrated than check writers