Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lou Fageol's twin engine Porsches

Top photo shows the original car with 356 coupe body and '51-2 Packard grille in early August 1953 @ Paine Field in Everett, Washington, during SCCA races held as part of the annual Seattle Seafair celebration. 

Bottom photos show a more radical second car, constructed from airplane drop tanks on a box channel frame with Porsche suspension bits.

with a flip top entry

from Don Zipfel via Hemmings @ Pebble Beach April 1955

Fageol’s father, Frank, was a co-founder of the Fageol Motors Company. Among Frank’s work was a twin-engined bus that he sold under the Twin Coach Company name.

Realizing that his unique drive system deserved more horsepower, Fageol regrouped. Having acquired the Progressive Engine Products Company, maker of PEPCO Roots-type superchargers, he later fitted one of their blowers to each of his engines.

His first effort made use of a 1952 356 Coupe in which he installed a complete Porsche engine and transmission in the front, ahead of the front wheels. The front transaxle’s ring gear and pinion were modified to give four forward speeds. Fageol himself drove the 356-based car in its racing debut on an airport circuit at Cumberland, Maryland on July 19, 1953. It was an odd-looking racing machine with white-wall tires, full bumpers, an adapted Packard grille and a spare wheel on its rear deck, evicted from its usual place under the front trunk lid.

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