Friday, March 18, 2016

the last pinstripping on a car Von Dutch did, is either Bob Langdon's Ranchero or John Harvey's 36 coupe. He was doing motorcycles, that's what he preferred at that time of his life

Von Dutch told Bob that he was done with pinstriping, but some persistance, and some gifts, and Von Dutch went at it on this 57 Ranchero, in 1988. He died in 1989...

Why this appears no where online, I have no idea. It's in the Oct 2008 Car Kulture Deluxe, but not on their website.

it's also mentioned in  Von Dutch: The Art, the Myth, the Legend By Pat Ganahl


  1. Hi Jesse, there is an article in issue 25 of Rodder's Journal about Jim Perkin's 57 Chevy that had striping done by Dutch in 1990. It's a great story if you can get a copy. Von Dutch died in 1992.
    P.S. Thanks for the post about the Jim Brucker book. A bit out of my price range,though...

    1. I think I have all the Rodders Journals since the early 30s.. I would have to get that box out of storage to see though. I still subscribe to it, but can never find the time to read it, haven't even looked through one in about 6 years.... simply too damn busy posting, but, take them all and set them aside for someday when I can find the time.... that magazine is simply incredible in quality and content. For now, it's most critical to subscribe and keep getting them, I'll read them eventually. But 1990 for the Perkins Chevy? Huh... both the Pat Ganahl book, and the Rod and Kulture article agreed on this debate... so, well, I only have time to look up one other source to verify stuff. It freaking takes hours to really suss out all sources to check facts and dig into any topic. The Bob Powell post I just did took an hour just to learn the first name of the artist on the SCCA pamphlet, then 5 more to see what his biography and bibliography were. I can't and won't put that much time into everything, I got too much too do, and not enough time