Thursday, March 17, 2016

the cool art on the covers of the Bridgehampton sports car racing programs in the late fifties was by a famous comic book artist named Robert Powell

Bob Powell is one of the "Top 100 Best Comic Book Artists" well known for Mars Attacks!, Capt America, Dare Devil, The Human Torch, the Shadow, and loads of zombies, ghouls, and suspense comics

Bob Powell (né Stanley Robert Pawlowski; October 2, 1916 – December 1967) was known for his work during the 1930-40s Golden Age of comic books as part of the Eisner and Iger studio, including on the features "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" and "Mr. Mystic", he also did the pencil art for the famous bubble gum trading card series Mars Attacks. He officially changed his name to S. Robert Powell in 1943.

Later, after Will Eisner split off to form his own studio, Powell pitched in to co-write the premiere of "Blackhawk," created by Eisner and Cuidera, in Military Comics #1 (Aug. 1941). Powell remained uncredited until Eisner and Cuidera, in a 1999 panel, discussed his contribution.

During his career, Bob Powell worked under a large amount of pseudonyms, like Arthur Dean, Bob Stanley, Stanley Charlot, Bud Ernest, Buck Stanley, S. T. Anley, Major Ralston and Powell Roberts.

After the war, Powell started working for himself, drawing for several publishers in cooperation with several assistants, including Howard Nostrand and Angelo Torres. He contributed to Street and Smith (Shadow Comics), Magazine Enterprises (Strong Man), Harvey Comics (Man in Black, Adventures in 3-D) and Marvel ('Daredevil', 'Giant-Man', 'Hulk' and 'Human Torch').

Here's the odd thing though, this artist wasn't the same Bob Powell race car owner of the Victress S1A, as that was a guy on the west coast, and he died in 1955, at age 25

This Bob I've been posting about though... was a sports car owner, racer, and director of Bridgehampton. Member of the Long Island Antique Car Club and the SCCA.  He had a Siata, Jeep, 1920 Model T, 1909 Hupmobile, 55 T-Bird, and a Stingray

In WW2 he went officer in the Air Corps, trained in Milwaukee, then taught Navigation as an instructor in San Antonio, and was discharged in '45 in Idaho 

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