Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Although it was meant to be a Porsche-only affair, Bruce took the rod along after Magnus had seen some pictures and figured it would be cool to mix things up."

update, Mar 1 2016, StiffSpeed Steve told me to check out a story on RetroRides, and this owner, Bruce, was telling his story about going to buy a car, when his Land Rover was hit... it's this one

Doesn't look much, but the Vectra had pulled out of a side turning just as I was coming down the main road. I didn't even see it coming, she hit me square on the rear quarter and shunted the Land Rover sideways across most of the lane (luckily there was a chevron area to my right, otherwise I'd have been pushed into the oncoming traffic)

I'd already pulled forward in the shot, just to get my car off hers. The damage doesn't look much but it's completely twisted the rear tub, buckled the rear wheel and bent the body mounts. Plus the axle then started to leak inside the hub/brake drum.

I was due to fly out in less than a week and I wasn't going to let a thing like this stop me. That was until I woke up two days later in a lot of pain. Something had been twisted in my back and it took a couple of days for it to show itself. Doctors visit, strong pain killers and a few days later I made the agonising decision to cancel the trip because things weren't looking any better.

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