Monday, May 05, 2014

the rich and the dead. Who else but rich idiots are so oblivious tot he number of vehicles that they destroy while being hoons? Saudi Arabian wanna be drifters and Fail-talities

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Does anyone out there have an idea of why so many guys in Saudi Arabia are acting like they must commit vehicular manslaughter on straight roads, highways, with other traffic in the area, and so many spectators that are damn fools and targets?


  1. Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because they are MORONS?!? Jess, let's face it, these idiots would crash camels if they could. As fare as I'm concerned, it one less rich ass hole to deal with. I keep hearing something about Darwin and natural selection in the back of my mind. Seems to be working very well in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Young men are invincible in any culture, and likely more so in the more macho cultures, like Saudi Arabia. What these video clips showed are not different from what we in the West did some generations ago, when cars became affordable for 20-somethings. Ever seen 'Rebel Without A Cause' with James Dean? The fact that the ones here can now afford faster cars than we could in the 1920s, just makes for more spectacular accidents.