Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hot Rod Magazine just did a good interview with Ed Pink, who has built more than 5000 racing engines

in 2005 the did this

No other drag racer ever approached such lofty levels of success in so many other arenas; not even archrival Keith Black, who started out in boats and headed Chrysler's Trans-Am effort. In the quarter-mile world of the '60s and '70s, their rivalry was as intense as any in the sport. Lions Drag Strip and Irwindale Raceway fueled the fire by promoting Black-versus-Pink feature events. Both men made regular appearances in newspapers and magazines, including Pete Millar's satire-drenched Drag Cartoons comic book. Moreover, this was one rivalry that was real rather than contrived for the purpose of selling Hot Wheels models or military enlistments. There's never been anything like it, before or since.

Pink insisted to former Drag News editor Dave Wallace, "You had the Mongoose and the Snake, and you had the Greek and the Swamp Rat, but you needed something else. Maybe, if Keith's name wasn't Black and mine wasn't Pink, who knows? Keith did a fine job, and in later years, we became good friends. We used to run ads that said, 'No matter what color your elephant is, they're all Pink on the inside!' You don't see that today. In our day, it was more fun than it is now."

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