Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meyers Manx has a new version, the Kickout S.S.

Car and Driver just did a full article about it... and they wrote a very astute observation describing what sets the Manx apart: what separates the Meyers Manx from every other kit car: If you put a plastic body that looks like a Porsche 917 or MG TD atop a VW floorpan, the car doesn’t become a 917 or a TD. But no matter how ratty the donor Beetle may be, or how half-cocked the ­execution of the body installation is, when that Manx body goes on, the car is no ­longer a VW. It has become a Meyers Manx, a dune buggy. 
Christine Reed attended a Manx Meet recently and took the following photos:

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