Wednesday, May 07, 2014

If you need a big dose of the 70's to get you through your week, here's Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Elton John, and the Pointer Sisters

this is the skit "Cinderella Gets It On"

and some far out sidecar for Cinderella to ride to the disco in (Season 9 Episode 7, at the 37 minute mark)


  1. Boy, I sure wish I'd found this post earlier. I would've loved seeing the video (at this late date, it's no longer available). My family and I were in the audience when this episode was taped! I was 13, and seeing the Carol Burnett Show live was a big thrill. Elton John (at his Pinball Wizard peak) and the sparkly glam fashions were hot that year, and the CBS crew nailed it. (I remember being surprised how much Tim Conway resembled Elton!) For months, I've been monitoring the CB reruns on MeTV Channel, hoping to catch this episode ... but no luck yet. So I'm especially glad that you posted these stills. You just made my day!

    1. Damn... the videos are just not something we can download and store, and keep isolated from being taken down... once they get pulled from you tube, we are outta luck. At least I captured a couple stills from the video for the goofy glam 70's look.. and you can try to search it on Youtube and other video sites to see if anyone else has a copy. Glad to have made your day!

    2. Here's the episode, full length

    3. I replaced the dead video with a full length episode, got to the 37 minute mark for the motorcycle