Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Stolen Viper recovered 300 miles away, stripped of many expensive panels

The 2001 yellow, T-top sports car was stolen from a home in Plaistow New Hampshire, police said, and turned up under a ripped car cover at the Clinton Village Apartments on West Main Street, not far from Route 78 in New Jersey.

 That's a trip of nearly 300 miles and the final leg of the journey, Clinton Sgt. Jay Hunter said, was made behind a tow truck or atop a flatbed trailer. The Viper was stripped of its bumper, hood, quarter panels, roof, doors and seats before it was left in the Clinton parking lot. The tires were still on it.

The body parts for a Viper are either fiberglass or carbon fiber, depending on the part and the year, and replacement costs for the stripped parts is about 25thou

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