Monday, May 05, 2014

beware of Alaskan cross winds! This plane had just taken off when winds pushed it into the birch forest, and stuck it.

Edward T. Merren, 58, of Wasilla told Alaska State Troopers a cross wind caught his Taylorcraft airplane on take off Sunday and popped him down into a stand of birch trees next to the runway off of Meadow Lakes Drive. Matanuska Electric Association linemen used a boom truck to reach Merren's perch 50-feet up and bring him back down to the safety about three hours later. He was unhurt in the incident.

Emergency services crews responded along with troopers, but in the end it was a Matanuska Electric Association boom truck and a pair of linemen who navigated the bucket up to Merren. After attaching Merren to a safety harness, he made his way out of the plane and into the adjacent bucket. A few minutes later, he was safely on the ground. Troopers say he was not injured in the unusual landing.

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