Thursday, May 08, 2014

racing improves the cars... and sometimes changes them in small ways to be more competitive than other race cars

Denise McCluggage is now writing in the Hagerty Magazine, and her column is called "Racing Past"

Wow, what a cool and spot on title...

Anyway, this months issue has her article and she was telling about the "LeMans Start" and its affect on race cars, and things that affected the LeMans start...

I was intrigued by the notion of Porsche switching from right side of the steering wheel to left side to allow drivers a momentary improvement in the time it takes to start the car when jumping in, as their right hand would go for the shifter or steering wheel... moving the ignition switch to the left gets one thing away from the already over utilized right hand.

The Le Mans Start was doomed when the cars became much more difficult to jump into, as Jackie Ickx was aware of when he took his time strolling across the track to his GT 40... which didn't have windows large enough to jump into, and were all hard tops, and had the top of the door interlock as 25% of the roof.. if you are familiar with a GT40 door, you know what I mean, the top of the door is horizontal, not vertical.

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