Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saddletramps MC blood drive at San Diego Harley, Kearney Mesa, to get blood donations for the Red Cross Blood Bank

SaddleTramps Blood Drive

11/19/2011 -
Come down to San Diego Harley-Davidson & give blood! Then enjoy our complimentary bbq and enjoy our live band, Ideas. Bring your friends & family! 5600 Kearny Mesa Rd. 92111. To make an appointment please visit: http://www.redcrossblood.org/make-donation-sponsor?field_sponsor_code_value=saddletramps

This isn't to get blood for the club, it's because when the club was in need last year, the Red Cross was there for them.

What happened?

Four bikers died in a brutal accident, five others were hospitalized. Those who lived have now lost their friends, and those who died left behind kids, brothers and sisters, parents and friends. They were members of the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club. It was the clubs 10th anniversary ride.

The club members were riding about 80 miles East of San Diego when a Gold Honda Accord came up from behind them and tried to pass them . Another car was in the oncoming lane, the driver tried to avoid the Honda by swerving off to his right, he lost control when overcorrecting when he hit the shoulder on his side of the road and crashed with the group of motorcycles. The driver of the Accord fled the scene, and were never found



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