Saturday, November 19, 2011

A drastic change in the headlight was a big part of the Popular Mechanics Califonia Dreamin' Mustang custom look

 Reminds me of the 1964-65 Mustang tail lights

 The grill to headlights look far better than stock
 Nive candy color paint around the hood scoop

 If I recall correctly, there is a small mini fridge and microwave... cold drinks and popcorn in the backseat... I didn't see what was under the seat panels, and can find NO information on the car online.

I don't like the tail lights, but the 2011 or 2012 Mustangs really have an ugly tailpanel design


  1. Where can I find the headlight

    1. well, start with looking up the 2011 "California Dreamin' " Mustang at Popular Mechanics... and if you don't get a source, ask the people at popular mechanics. Or just look for Mustang headlights. Eventually you;'ll come across these