Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Metal Of Honor... duece made of donated new parts to assemble an homage to the US military that have been awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor, and signed by 46 living recipients

If you look under the duece, you'll see that it's parked on grass. Indoors. I've never heard of any booth having turf brought in... it's awesome. Great idea, terrific execution, and appreciated by the people stopping by to admire the car. No dirt was getting carried onto the surrounding carpet either.

the military footlockers and field desk were very cool too

great display

 Awesome military interior pieces, the ammo can for an armrest, the canvas courier bags for door pockets, duffel bag in the passenger footwell, and the gauges are superior to any I've seen that try for the military look, but go too far and use aircraft gauges. These are perfect... they have the look, and function, that people have tried for, but failed to achieve

  Above, I was photographing the steering gear. I haven't seen an adapter like this before

if this car sounds familiar, it's because I posted a bit about this last year http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/12/best-cause-for-donating-parts-and-time.html

Thanks to Chuck Caswell, Emperor until he retires... he says after retirement he'll be a sultan (I could be mistaken, he may have said maharajah)

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  1. Semper Fi An Honor and a Privilege.