Friday, November 18, 2011

Car transportation information source, and car transportation trucking company, Montway

a thorough approach to informing you of the many things you'll have to deal with and and think about when you want to have a car transported across states or inter-country

For Example...

 one time 2 years we had a guy that was transporting 2 cars at the time on a small trailer. He loaded 2 classic Ford Mustang's and one of them was inoperable ( no engine ). He placed this car first on the trailer and secured it with some straps over the wheels. While he was driving on the Hwy in Chicago, a car ahead of him stop unexpectedly and our trucker jumped on the brakes to avoid the crash and at that moment the first Mustang ( inoperable ) literally "flew" over the truckers cabin and went to the right down to a small valley .... The reason that happened is because the trucker used only 2 straps ( usually he needs to put 4 ), but the main reason was that the transmission of this old car had no compression and even though the car was in gear, that wasn't holding the car at all and there was no hand brake either.

Anyhow nobody was hurt , the car wasn't damage much , but it was a restoration project, so nothing critical, but it was crazy how the car "flew" off the trailer.

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