Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Cuda rolls in a high speed DUI down Ashley Street in Ramona (near San Diego).. .neighborghood idiots request the speed limit lowered (no logical cause or effect but lots of kneejerk reactions)

So what my complaint is, simply... idiots are everywhere, and so are drunk drivers. Neither drunks nor idiots look at the speed limit, and if the residents who want the 45 mph reduced to a 35 mph think that will prevent another DUI, they prove themselves morons.

Harold... the inside scoop from Mike is that he had a awesome 440 six pack 1970 Challenger back in the 70's and after finally getting it near perfect, he wrecked it. This isn't Harold's first wreck of a fine Mopar. Why don't reporters get to the driving history of DUI drivers? It's obviously relevant.

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