Thursday, November 17, 2011

the wonderful Cotati Speed Shop and Miller Welding shop truck... this is just great in so many ways, it's legit patina and real work aged, it's a 1969 Chev truck, and they have a welding rod rack in the back window

 that fron bumper push board is damn cool, reminds me of slingshot dragster team vehicle
 to have a old time phone number with a word and uppercase letters... that is a cool touch
 great rims and hub caps, terrific lettering and subtle but superb pinstriping
 and check out the terrific tailgate and side mount vise! But the coolest thing is that the tailgate has the flip reinforced steel table with legs for extra bracing, size and workbenck area

 Notice that the Miller welder logo is on the protective covers, and that they are flip out of the way hinged, both for the tailgate welder, and the side mounted one in the front of the bed

instead of a rear window gun rack.... which as a Michigan birthright I am very familiar with, he has tubes that carry welding rods! That is great!

their website for the Cotati Speed Shop is
and to read more about the shop truck, go to the bottom of this article from Miller Electric because it will be in the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour

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