Monday, October 10, 2011

Toyota/Scion... What the fuck? A college grad gets a 1000 dollar discount, an active duty military servicemember only gets 500 dollars off

That pisses me off.

Why should some kid who's done nothing useful for his country, comrades, squadron, ship, aircrew, brigade, platoon, or company

get a bigger courtesy discount from a car company?

Did some college group head over to Japan to help during the tsunami, free Kuwait from Hussein's hostile takeover, helped Haiti after their earthquake, etc etc? No.

Toyota/Scion is now on my shitlist

Why am I pissed off? I like military people, always have. Most of my uncles, cousins, grandfathers were in the military... and I was in the Navy crewing on 2 submarines and doing a tour as an MP. I worked on the USS Midway, aircraft carrier museum, and met thousands of Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf war vets... liked them all.

College grads on the other hand? Not much I've seen from them to respect. The high school to college types haven't saved lives, risked their own lives for their fellow soldiers/sailors/Marines, and they haven't accomplished a damn thing I think is useful by getting through 2 years of college classes. I did 2 years of mechanics and electronic classroom training before going to sea, and those classes didn't have general electives to waste time and get credits toward a diploma.


  1. Why don't you tell how you really feel? I'm former Army, Ft. Sill, OK and Germany. So far, I've always owned American cars. My 94-year-old WWII vet Grandfather would not be happy if I bought a Japanese car. Or German, but even though he fought them and took shrapnel and machine gun bullets into his body from the Germans, doesn't seem to hold the grudge with them that he does with the Japanese from Pearl Harbor.

  2. I am a college graduate and agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for your post.

  3. That's because the car company wants college students to get going and get into more debt and ruin their credit rating early, and maybe to start a "brand loyalty". Look at the cars they market...can you see a veteran buying anything from Scion? I totally agree with you, it is bullshit. But Toyota being the brand it is, it does surprise me.