Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Very rare AMC muscle cars together, and that is infinitely more rare. A Rebel Machine, a RWB AMX, and a Hurst SC/Rambler all parking together is somehting you'll probably never see again

Hurst SC/Ramblers are rare, and the red white blue color scheme is unusual among cars... but not among AMC models... the car behind the SC/Rambler is the Red White Blue color scheme AMX that honors the Craig Breedlove Bonneville record holding endurance trials, and the Hurst Super Stock AMX drag racing cars.

For a gallery of just that red white blue AMX
down in the bottom photo at the lower left corner is the tail of the Rebel Machine (it's not easy getting some cars in a photo unless the owners are ready for a photo shoot.)

For more factory AMC red white blue; the Javelin SCCA race car:


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I have an opportunity to buy a 1964 amc 2 door hurst edition the owner says its one of seven built it is red with a white top it has hurst gauges his/her shifter and electric windows I have always liked these cars but cant find this one anywhere if you know were to get or have any information on this car any information would be appreciated I can be reached at 8063460116

    1. Hurst AMC of the 1964 year? That is nonsense. You must have a mistake with the year. Hurst didn't work on car affiliations until 1965 when Pontiac took in shifters from Hurst and began the legends of Hurst shifters. The best advice I have before buying that car is figure out if it's real, what it is worth, and if it's legit or a fake