Friday, October 14, 2011

Magazine journalists selling out

The Truth About Cars Edward Niedermeyer says "the pimpatorial game is becoming more subtle and cites the participation of Jean Jennings and her Automobile Magazine staff in one of Ford's sock puppet TV commercials.
(read more about that here:  which is fair about telling both the pro and con of this new ad campaign and how it relates to media and car companies that try for their praise) Tried to find that video... no luck, becuase there are dozens of  "Doug the Sock Puppet, Ford" videos on you tube, and doesn't have any.

He also criticizes Motor Trend boss Angus MacKenzie's "Subaru-funded
 adventure of personal discovery" that was featured in both his publication and Subaru's Drive Magazine. He says, about the new trend away from straight out testimonials, "to paraphrase Homer Simpson, I like my beer cold, my meat red, and my sell-outs shameless." How about entertaining or interesting?

Found on monthly newsletter

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