Monday, October 10, 2011

Land speed record for normally aspirated vehicle broken, and some other incredible accomplishments too, by The Spirit of Rett

1.Fastest single engine car record in history 414.316 MPH (and only 3mph less than the absolute fastest "real car" record of 417.020 MPH held by Tom Burkland)
2.Fastest normally aspirated car in history (Broke 45 year old record set by Summer's Bros. "Goldenrod" on Nov 12, 1965)
3.First and only un-blown single engine car over 400 MPH
4.First and only car to ever set two over 300 MPH records in one day
5.First and only car to ever hold all four of the fastest un-blown records at Bonneville at the same time! A/FS 348.524 MPH, A/GS 350.728 MPH, AA/GS 368.136 MPH, AA/FS 392.503 MPH
6.First and only car to ever hold the two fastest un-blown FIA records at the same time

learned about this from the Grand National Roadster Show promo

On September 21, 2010 Dallas based racer and businessman Charles Nearburg broke the 45-year old land-speed record with his Red Line Oil-equipped "Spirit of Rett" streamliner. The fast and sleek car averaged a speed of 414. 5 mph, beating the previous record set in 1965 by the Summers Brothers "Goldenrod," by a little over six mph. In addition, Nearburg also set the fastest single-engine car record.

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