Sunday, January 12, 2020

Harley Davidson didn’t offer hard bags for their motorcycles until 1952. “Royalite Plastic” bags first appeared on the 1952 “K” model Harleys and then on Big Twin models in 1954.

 Resto’s dad and brother came up with this mock-up and offered it to the Harley Davidson Motor Company sometime around 1949. The HD Motor Company decline the brother's hard bag idea, due to the effort and popularity they had in their leather bag line.

 Harley Davidson offered about five different leather saddlebags for 1950.

 Back to the hard bags on the 1948 Panhead, the brother's Handcrafted these bags used Cadillac fender and bumper shapes as the core. Then incorporated the Caddy’s glove box door and lock.


  1. Simply has to be the coolest saddlebag/fender layout ever! Practical? HELLLLL NO. But cool.

  2. Never seen those before. They've got to be worth a pretty penny