Monday, January 13, 2020

Earl’s Performance Plumbing recently-released -6 AN fuel line kits for the Mopar original 1969-1970 440 Six Pack of Holleys.

the question is, why?

Either you have a 6 pack, or you don't. If you are thinking about getting one, chances are, you won't, as the simplicity of a good 4 barrel and the easier to find, and less expensive, air filter housings for 4 barrels...

And if you were determined to get 3 carbs, would you go for the new set of 3 Demon carbs? or throttle body fuel injectors, etc etc?

So, having settled the carb issue, if you have, or buy, the classic set... are you going for the original look for authenticity, or the original fuel lines because they are already on it, work, and don't need replacing?

Just asking, after all, those small vacuum tubes aren't going to get replaced by Earl's, just the fuels lines, and you will need a AN to fuel line adapter to connect to the fuel line coming off the fuel pump


  1. Quote of the day: "If you are thinking about getting one, chances are, you won't," Amen brother. The only reason for most car guys to run a six pack is for looks, or originality, otherwise its a pain in the ass no one really needs.

    1. I've been lucky I guess... I wanted a 6 pack for about 8 years, way back in the 90s. I had a 383 Super Bee, with a 727, and 2.93 gears... and from 94 to late 95, replaced or rebuilt enough of it to make it reliable enough to drive cross country. New paint, engine rebuild, trans rebuild, replaced the brakes, e brake, front suspension, idler arm, upper and lower and sway bar bushings, carpet, radio, new exhaust, etc.
      I got it to San Diego in 95, then replaced shocks all around, rear upper shock mount, both leaf springs from a 69 Station Wagon, steering box rebuild, upgraded the heads to 5 angle, and new springs, exhaust cutouts, upgraded from a 22 to a 26in radiator, upgraded from the dual scoop hood to a lift off fiberglass six pack hood...
      but I never got as far as getting that six pack carb set.
      So finally, in 2002, 4 years before I started blogging, back when I hadn't yet screwed up my life by moving onto a boat, and maxing out my credit cards, and beginning my long mistake of only dating crazy women... way back when I didn't have a car payment... I bought my 69 R/T and sold my 69 Super Bee.
      The R/T was what I wanted, a rust free, bucket seat 4 speed, dana 60 track pack R/T that came with a replacement engine, a 426 max wedge, topped with a six pack.
      I had it dyno tuned, I replaced the wiring harness, had Hurst rebuild the shifter after the reverse pin broke, and pretty much was ok with it, and found a garage to rent while I went out and messed up the rest of my life.
      I haven't any idea if the trio of carbs is better for cruising, or racing, than a 4 barrel. It's been trouble free until the damn ethanol ate through the accelerator pump gasket on the center carb

    2. Oh man, that sucks. I can picture that gasket all turned to goo. Synching carbs has never been a strength of mine, and once you have to tinker with one, its never quite the same, etc. etc. In retrospect in my experiences might have been better if I have started with something that hadn't been screwed with and screwed up already.