Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center has announced that the Indiana State Fairgrounds one-mile dirt track will be made into parking and limestone surfaced for harness racing training. No more dirt track racing

The 64th running of the Hoosier Hundred, a 100-mile, 100-lap race, in May, will be the last running of this dirt track racing event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

USAC Series Coordinator Levi Jones explained. “Meetings with the Fairgrounds staff and discussions over the last two years, to keep auto racing, were to no avail. The horse industry's desire to use the one-mile track year-round instead of the half-mile currently in the infield won out in the end.”

In 1953, a new, long-lasting tradition began with the inaugural running of the “Hoosier Hundred”,  held annually with only a handful of interruptions due to inclement weather.

 Today, it remains one of the oldest, most tradition-rich racing events on the planet. Many of its winners have gone to achieve legendary status in auto racing with a list that includes A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti who are among the seven drivers to have won both the Hoosier Hundred and the Indianapolis 500 in their careers along with Bob Sweikert, Jimmy Bryan, Rodger Ward, Parnelli Jones and Al Unser.



  1. This is similar to what happened to the mile oval at New York State Fair grounds in Syracuse N.Y. The turned it into a parking lot instead of horse racing track. The track was there for more then fifty years, then last year, POOF! Gone. Many great dirt races were held there, and I'm glad I got a chance to see one. I fear racing is dying as it becomes more of a commodity then a sport. Only kings and queens can play. How sad, how very sad.

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