Friday, April 05, 2019

history moves pretty fast, and is forgotten REALLY quickly. In under 50 years everyone forgot there was an airstrip where a neighborhood adjacent to SDSU is now

A 1952 aerial view showed the remains of the Gillies Airport runway, above

and there is no evidence of it, at all, an any map or aerial photo now.

“With the end of WW2 the Gillies family arrived in San Diego and made an offer to the Jehovah’s Witnesses for that land, then resorted to legal means to acquire it, and since churches don't pay taxes, guess where the local courts went on the decisions? Getting rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses was a bonus for the locals, I suppose. Residential development began in 1948 and lots were for sale for $5,000.

Marketing materials noted that you could fly in and out with your own plane, then taxi it over to your own lot and house.

1946, which was probably the single year in which the most airports were ever established across the U.S

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