Tuesday, April 16, 2019

in most states if you purchase a semi, and install cooking equipment, it’s an RV and non commercial and you don’t need a CDL. You could put a 53’ box behind it and not even stop at the scales.


  1. When Consolidated Freightways went out of business I bought one of their Freightliner COE trucks. Single axle, sleeper, 3406 Cat, air starter. I was asking the guy I bought it from a bunch of "what's this do?" questions. He asked how long I have been driving trucks, I said, "in an hour it will have been an hour". I had never even sat in one before. He laughed and gave me a quick driving lesson. Anyway, I read the rules for vehicle registration and found just what you mentioned above, if it has a bed and cooking facilities you can register it as an RV. I bought a $20 BBQ and riveted it down inside the jockey-box. Went to the DMV, and after being told "you can't do that" and after talking with three employees and two managers, I walked out with an RV registration. There are no small victories at the DMV, they are all bigly yuge.

  2. Correct about not needing a CDL, but you do need the correct class license. My Illinois Class A operators is not a CDL but it says on the back "All single and combination vehicles except cycles"

    We've been using a 1999 Volvo 610 with a full sleeper to tow our fifth wheel for 14 years and more than 100k miles. It's registered as a motor home (actually the reg say "Moto Home") and it carries RV plates. Never had an issue anywhere. Never had a LEO look at my license during that time. For what it's worth, we also carry a smart car on a custom deck on the back of the Volvo.