Monday, June 18, 2018

I heard it's called a 1000 year event, and they might be right. Or it's just more proof that climate change is real, and floods are more common now then ever before. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan got up to 6 inches of rain on Sunday

This is the airport road from Calumet to Lake Linden above

the Kestner Waterfront Park and Sharon Avenue in Houghton sustained a large amount of flooding,  drone footage by Justin Slis

and the area in Houghton by Pizza Hut / Taco bell, is really washed out

US-41 partially reopened after flooding; M-26, M-203 remain closed

Heavy rains and flooding in Houghton County forced several road closures this morning. Other closures remain in effect as repair efforts continue.

 US-41 between Chassell and Houghton has suffered pavement damage and multiple shoulder washouts. The route is now open but limited to one lane in each direction in some areas.

- M-26 remains closed between Tamarack and Dollar Bay due to water over the road and the washout of a large culvert.

- M-26 remains closed near the Mont Ripley ski hill. Flooding caused major damage in Ripley near the ski hill with extensive debris on the road forcing closure.

Agate St


  1. I'm sure glad climate change is a hoax or this could happen in more places.

    1. yeah, like that place I posted about 2 weeks ago. But this time the flooding happened where I grew up, where it never flooded before. Ever. There were ice ages that covered it in glaciers, but not floods. I've ate in that pizza hut

    2. On first pic, water wash out the ground beneath the layer of asphalt?

    3. Do I sense a bit of sarcasm here?

    4. Shas, yes, that pavement held together while the water was under it, but then the water diminished and then there was nothing under it to hold the pavement up any longer, so it collapsed

  2. It shows how fragile our infrastructure is when Mother nature is angry.